Russian Drops Necklace

Russian Drops Necklace

Beadwork Magazine – February/March 2013 : Necklace designed by Lilly Knackstedt.  The colours are gorgeous – seed beads galvanised seafoam / marbled turquoise and light smoky topaz fire-polished glass beads.

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3 Responses to Russian Drops Necklace

  1. Netti Atkins says:

    Love your jewellery, Yasmin…..this piece is fab!

  2. gardenpinks says:

    Yasmin just love this beautiful necklace. So beautiful. Wondered where you had gone to?? Now we know you have been busy craftng 🙂
    Lynn x

  3. Hilda Gale says:

    Fabulous Yasmin, what patience you have, and such skill!!! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering what you have been up to – now I know!!

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