Sunday Postcard Art Challenge : Time for Tea

For this weeks Sunday Postcard Challenge : Time for Tea.

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16 Responses to Sunday Postcard Art Challenge : Time for Tea

  1. Cindy Adkins says:

    I didn’t see this tea time piece last week–it is purely gorgeous!!! The teapot is unreal with the flowers on it…just beautiful! And how you incorporated the clock is spectacular–so imaginative…fabulous!

  2. Julia says:

    What a stunning and artistic card! Love the flower pots! So original!

  3. Diana Evans says:

    beautiful work and the flower tea pots!!! very creative and fun!!!

  4. JudyNZ says:

    Fantastic art, Yasmine, love the teapot & cup!

  5. Rhonda says:

    Just in case you did not get my comment that I just left – it seemed to disappear – I think this is a FABULOUS piece of artwork!! Cheers!

  6. Rhonda says:

    Fabulous, fabulous artwork!! Love it – cheers!

  7. taluula says:

    Oh how scrumptious is this!

  8. beautiful background!

  9. Hanne says:

    Wonderful piece! Really, really beautiful!

  10. Marie says:

    Yasmin, your postcard is exquisite. I love the flowery teapots and the stamps you have used to build the image are stunning.
    Wonderful artwork – as always.

  11. Martina says:

    Stunning creation, dear Yasmin! Love the color and the stamps.

  12. Bettie says:

    Great idea. I love the card and especially the teapot and cup.

  13. barnie says:


  14. Sandy says:

    Oh wow wonderful tea time.
    Gorgeous design. Love them.

  15. Anni says:

    Wow amazing postcard, your teacup and teaput are so beautiful, love it.

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