Swatch Book

Swatch Quote Book

Inspired by Club Scrap Project; did a smaller version (1″ x 4″) to use up some plastic strips i had for the pages.  I did not have a ‘Screw-Post’ so on a temporary basis have used a link chain will replace with the screw-post once i can find one.

Swatch Quote Book Open

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5 Responses to Swatch Book

  1. Pam Stimpson says:

    This is the neatest little art piece, I want to try and make one, is their a tutorial somewhere in blogland? I just love it.

  2. LazyKay says:

    Excellent, I can’t enlarge it to read the words but it looks great. Lots of variation here.


  3. lottie says:

    Absolutely fabulous – I adore the colours

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