Sunday Postcard Art : Easter




This weeks Sunday Postcard Art challenge : Easter.

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14 Responses to Sunday Postcard Art : Easter

  1. Angelina says:

    Beautiful! Love how you chose to go for the tradion instead of the bunny’s and the eggs.

  2. Very dramatic! I love the promise.

  3. Mary says:

    Beautiful card – very moving and love the verse.

  4. Lynn Stevens says:

    What a wonderful message! Happy Easter!

  5. Buffy says:

    Beautiful and beautiful passage! I love the hand!

  6. Anne says:

    This is just so beautiful!! Happy Easter!!

  7. Wonderful and so serene!!!! Happy Easter Yasmin

  8. Jeri says:

    I agree this is a lovely illustration of the passage. Beautifully done!

  9. Marie says:

    How beautiful. Yasmin ,you always surprise me with the artistry of your work. And thankyou for reminding us of the true meaning of Easter which we are inclined to forget amongst the eggs and the bunnies!

  10. femmy says:

    this is just so beautiful!!! fantastic background and stamps!!

  11. Anne says:

    Standing ovation from my corner too! This is wonderfully designed and moving all at the same time!

  12. aino says:

    Oh! That’s cool. Very great art. Happy Easter for you.

  13. indybev says:

    This is incredibly beautiful, and such a wonderful illustration of the Bible passage. Standing ovation from my corner!

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